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Fall Colors and Fall Loons

Finally, we have decent fall color at the lake.  Got out in the kayak this morning and were not disappointed.  Although not at its peak, the color is very nice.  Here are some examples. At the south end of the lake, just to the west of Horton Creek. Point just south of OCC The  OCC Shoreline. In addition to the fall color, we three loons.  […]

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High Rollaway

I think we hit the peak color in NW Michigan last weekend.  Although the color wasn’t as vivid as in some years, it was still beautiful.  We made a trip to High Rollaway to the overlook of the Manistee River.  We hiked the North Country Trail in both directions a short ways, but this is the best vantage point. There were many more great views, […]

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A bit more fall color

Here in the Kalamazoo area, we are still a bit short of peak color.  I took a drive west of town Monday with my mom and saw some beautiful trees, but not the wide-spread color that is (hopefully) yet to come. However, here are some photos I took on a short walk near my house. The color is later this year than usual, so keep […]

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Fall Afternoon on the Lake

Last weekend, we managed to get back out on the lake in the kayaks late one afternoon.  The color isn’t full peak, yet, but that’s coming soon.  In addition to some color, we had a real treat of watching a great blue heron catching and eating fish at the south end of the lake.  We watched as the heron caught and ate 4 fish before […]

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Something to Whet your Appetite

We are starting to get some color in the north Michigan woods.  It is just a few trees here and there, nothing wide-spread, yet.  It’s coming.  It will be here soon. But, just to whet the appetite, here are some photos from last weekend’s tour through the woods. I hope to get back up there in a couple weeks and see spectacular color.  I hope […]

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Color on Duck Lake

Although I could hear the wind in the trees, I had to go out in the kayak for just a little bit to see what color was along the lake shore.  I wasn’t expecting great reflections due to the wind, but the colors speak for themselves. And, yes, the colors were really that vibrant.  The sun, just coming over the opposite shore, hit these trees […]

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A Bit of Fall Color

We made it back to the north woods this weekend.  I spent yesterday morning in search of fall color.  Although there is some very nice color, it isn’t widespread, just a few trees here and there.  Even without large expanses of color, I had a great time wandering around the dirt roads and small lakes in the area.  Here are a few of my finds. […]

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More Fall Color

It had been two weeks since we had been to the cabin.  The color has been absolutely magnificent this year.  Two weeks ago we found that several inland areas had the best color.  (See the previous post.)  That color had faded to mostly dark yellows and browns, so we headed toward the lake shore and were not disappointed. But first, a quick kayak around the […]

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Fall Color

The colors this year are truly wonderful, the best I’ve seen in years.  I hope these photos give you a sense of the scenery near OCC.  These were taken last weekend, so I’m a bit tardy in posting. Click on any image to enlarge. First, a quick look around the lake.  These were taken from the kayak.  Still not peak color, but very nice. Walking […]

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Beautiful Morning on the Lake

It has been three weeks since I’ve been up to the lake.  The colors are starting to show in the trees.  The air is cool and the sun is warm.  It is a little bit breezy, but so bad as to keep us off the lake. There was a heron just to the left of the dock this morning.  It was hidden back in the […]

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